Top Methods Of Communication For Businesses

You need to have a wide range of communication methods in order to succeed as a business. Customer communication is key, and you must do it properly. Make yourself easy to communicate with and make customers have lots of options too. Here are some ideas to help your business communicate with customers:


Receiving/making calls with a telephone is the most obvious means of communication. Every business needs to set up its own number to take calls from customers. If someone finds you online or in the yellow pages, they still need to call, to contact you. It can be better for you to not use a local number, but go for something different. ‘03’ numbers are good because they have attractive call rates for people dialling. They won’t cost the caller any extra than a normal call, either on landline or mobile. Which is different from 0800 numbers that charge extra, especially from mobile calls phones. An 03 number looks a lot more professional than a local one, and customers across the country will trust it more.


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You can’t run a business without a proper email service for customers. Lots of customers like to get in contact via email, so you have to have one set up. Set up a professional, business email address up, separate from any personal ones. There are ways to set up automatic replies to emails too. So if someone emails a company you could send an automated reply saying ‘Thank you for the email, our team will be with you soon’. This shows your customers their email has been received and that you’ll be looking at it soon. Email is an instant method of communication, and you can respond to many in a short space of time. However, you do lose some of that personal connection with a customer when you talk over email.

Social Media

Social Media is a great way to communicate instantly with customers. You can have short conversations with them on social networks, and it’s an easy way for them to contact you. What this also means is that it’s an easy way for people to spread negativity. You can get a lot of negative people on social media that can comment and speak to you at will. Social networks are the most popular way for customers to vent frustration at a business. So you need to keep a level head when dealing with frustrated social media customers. They can get foul-mouthed from their keyboard, either ignore it, or block them.


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Face To Face

Make yourself available for face to face communication. Allow customers to book meetings and to come in to your offices. Speaking with a customer face to face is a great way to inspire loyalty and trust. It shows you make an effort, that you care for your customers. Obviously don’t just let everyone line up outside your door for a meeting, have a schedule.

Customers make a business, so you need to keep them happy. You must make your business easy to contact and communicate with. If you’re hard to get a hold of, customers will end up walking away. You should also learn to communicate effectively in-house too. If a business has poor, all round, communication, it’s going to fail.

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