6 Unusual Business Ideas That Make Money

There are many unusual business ideas out there that are making money at the moment, ran by great entrepreneurs who simply thought outside of the box. To inspire you, we’ve put together 6 of the best, most unusual business ideas:

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Unforgettaball! is a truly unique idea; one of a kind artwork handpainted on to baseballs. The designs are really beautiful, and an unusual accessory for your home. You can find special occasion themed balls, holiday themes, and loads more on their website. 850,000 decorative baseballs have been sold in 20 years, and they’ve been featured on TV, in high end shops, and even owned by presidents!

The Trashy Bags Project

These clever bags are not only useful and attractive, they’re recycled and made of waste plastic! This marvellous company also helps to educate people in Africa about the dangers of land pollution and why it’s important that they dispose of their waste properly.

Vin-T Bikini

Vin-T Bikini offers amazing custom made bikinis, inspired by rock bands, universities, and more. Simply request how you’d like your bikini and the team will get to work on finding the perfect t-shirt for you, which they will then make into a designer swimsuit! You can even send in your own t-shirt if you wish.

Docklands Skips

Docklands waste recycling limited is one of Londons leading skip hire services, that offers cost effective solutions for a variety of different premises. Not only is the price lower than most, they are more eco-friendly! Whatever your skip hire needs, Docklands Skips can help you.

The Grilled Cheese Truck

The Grilled Cheese Truck offers traditional grilled cheese sandwiches, plus many more takes on the classic. After realising just how many people love grilled cheese, Dave Danhi the owner wanted to offer the perfect grilled cheese sandwich to all!

Tie Tee

The Tie Tee is a T-shirt with an attached neck tie, and not only is it perfect for the more casual employee or boss, it’s perfect for those who want to be a little more eco-friendly. Bjorn Borstelmann said he created the Tie Tee for the kind of leaders who work to make the planet a better place rather than profiting from it’s destruction. Not only has this 100% organic t-shirt given a new meaning to “business casual”, it’s given it a real purpose!

See, with a little outside the box thinking, it’s easy to create an unusual business that will make money. What do you think the world needs? What are people crying out for? You could come up with the new revolutionary answer to everyone’s problems! Save the environment in your own way, offer people a unique one of a kind product, even rent out your driveway for a small amount of money to people who really need it! You could even try watching programs such as Dragon’s Den to give you ideas – you could be the next big business entrepreneur. Why not research, brainstorm, and see what you can come up with?

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